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Advantages of New Versus Used Cars in Melbourne

Posted on May 8th, 2015

Normally, when we think green, we don’t think about our old, scrap, used or just unwanted vehicles. In days gone by, getting rid of an old car that couldn’t bring in a dollar, or was a scrap or junk vehicle, met tossing it into a landfill. Today, that has changed.

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Getting rid of an old vehicle, or a vehicle that nobody seems to want no longer includes tossing it into a landfill where there is the hazard of danger fluid and contaminates creeping into Mother Earth and posing risk to our soil and water. Today, the entire process is a recycle, reuse and resell process. The best part about the process is, you will find vehicle companies in Melbourne like Atlas Car Removals that will pay top dollar to remove the vehicle. Atlas Car Removals pays up to $9999 to remove you old, unwanted and even useless vehicle of any model and make, and any age or condition, running or not.

How Is the Process an Eco Friendly Process?

The process is an eco-friendly process because expert auto dismantlers, as well as expert scrap yards are used. When a car removal company removes a vehicle from a Melbourne property, they haul it to a wrecking yard. Once at the wrecking yard, an auto dismantler will go to work removing all the parts and components of the car until the vehicle is a bare shell. Once a shell, the vehicle will then be crushed to form the frame into scrap metal. The better the auto dismantler, the more they’ll be able to salvage from the unwanted vehicle. The better the auto dismantler, the more you’ll be offered for the unwanted vehicle.

Companies like Atlas Car Removals have expert auto dismantlers and are able to pay top dollar for their customers’ unwanted car removals in Melbourne. The process is one that companies like Atlas Car Removals are showing their concern for the community, as well as their concern for the environment.Companies that pay for unwanted car removals in Melbourne, generally always put something in the vehicle owner’s pocket for their car removal, even if they are just picking up an old, rusted shell.

How Does It Work?

The process is simple. In most cases, car removal companies will have advertisement on the Internet. Of these companies that do, most will have a “Get a Quote” form, which can easily be filled out and submitted. The form asks for a few simple details like contact information, make and model of your vehicle and the age and condition of the vehicle. Once received, an appraiser who knows the value of the make and model vehicle will take a look at the information and then return with a cash for car offer for the vehicle. Remember, the vehicle does not need to be running in order to obtain a cash offer. All vehicles have worth in scrap metal alone. So, it does pay to get a quote rather than just haul it off to the scrap yard, especially if you’d have to pay someone to haul it there.

For more information on car removals in Melbourne, contact Atlas Car Removals today. We are experts in appraising the value of all makes and models of vehicles and do offer top dollar for vehicles of any age and condition, running or not. In fact you can receive up to $9999. You can also give us a call at 1800 074 676 for a no obligation estimate; and, we can be there as soon as this afternoon with the cash in hand to remove your unwanted vehicle.