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Are You Selling Your Old Car?

Posted on Aug 30th, 2016

Atlas Car Removals is a part of Quick Car Removal which provides a wide range of vehicle removal scrap recycling services all across Melbourne, Victoria. We will offer up to $9999 for your used, old, broken, or unwanted car, whether it’s running or not.

We are accredited with Vic Roads, which means that we can and will handle the registration paperwork, taking away a lot of the hassles of getting rid of an unwanted vehicle.

We are happy to come pick up your car in the greater Melbourne area, from Geelong to Frankston, and any other location in the surrounding suburbs. Give us a call on 1800 074 676 right now!

Any Make Or Model, We Want Your Car

We accept all makes and all models in any condition. It also does not matter where it was made or how broken it is. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our appraisal form online.

It does not even matter if it is a car – if you want to get rid of your van, truck or motorcycle, we’re happy to give you a quote and pick it up. All you have to do is give us a call or fill out our appraisal form online.

Whether your vehicle has been in an accident, exposed to the elements, rusted, has broken down or is just unwanted, if you want to get rid of it we are just a call away.

Why Sell Your Unwanted Car For Cash To Atlas?

Atlas offers fast and free vehicle removal services. We take pride in offering fantastic customer service. Our cash prices for any type of cars are very competitive and we will beat any genuine written quote.

On top of that, we will also provide all the necessary paperwork to ensure you are free of all liability of the car, once you sell it to us. Easy as can be.

We are Fully Licensed, Insured And Bonded

Atlas Car Removals is a fully licensed car buyer, seller and wrecker that is bonded and insured and always puts the needs of our customers first. We  hold an LMCT licence, which means you can trust that any business done with us is quick and easy.

For more information about LMTC Licences, visit Vic Roads.

Contact Us Today

Call us now on 1800 074 676 or send us an email at or fill out our instant appraisal form NOW!

Want to get rid of your car for a good price? Call Atlas Car Removals!