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Cleaning Up the Neighborhood with Recycling in Melbourne

Posted on Jun 1st, 2015

Depending on the age of a neighborhood and the neighbors, can depend on the years of junk accumulating around the homes in the neighborhood. Like a block party, having a neighborhood recycling day with everyone lending a hand and cleaning out their yards to get out all the unnecessary clutter in the homes and around the yards like old appliances, aluminum patio furniture, bikes, etc. can be a great project. Not only can it be a great project, it can be one that adds both appeal and value to the neighborhood and puts cash in the pockets of property owners. One great idea is to be the coordinator of the project, knocking on the doors of the neighbors that have scrap vehicles in their yard and handing them a flyer. If they don’t want to get involved, let them know that you are in charge of a neighborhood cleanup and would like to know if they’d allow you to scrap their vehicle or scrap metal for them. Also, let them know that you’ll be having a company that removes old televisions, metal patio furniture, old appliances, etc. Let them know that their will be cash involved, so they won’t only get their yard and home tidy, they will make a little cash, as well.

Anything with metal like old scrap cars, appliances, soda cans, etc. can be recycled. The metal and steel in the materials are where the value is. The day is one that can turn into one that is quite profitable as scrap cars, trucks, SUVs, 4WDs, vans, utes, and motorcycles can be worth anywhere from a couple hundred dollars into the thousands. The day is also one that will require no heavy work on the parts of the property owners. You simply allow a Car Removal company that also collects scrap metal come and remove the scrap for free. The neighborhood can be one that rallies the “green” spirit and logos as the disposal process is one that is green. Car removal companies recycle vehicles and scrap metal 100 percent to make new use out of the materials, which is why they can offer instant cash on all types of metal. Products like printers, computer monitors and televisions contain metals like copper, aluminum and iron.

The best removal company to contact in a situation where you’ll be getting rid of various kinds of items is a car removal company that also recycles scrap metals. The reason is that you will get better Cash For Car offers on the items, and you will have one company that can complete all the work. Car removal companies and scrap metal removal companies are professionals that do all the heavy work of loading and transporting the items as well as disposing of the items.

Arranging the day is simpler than alerting the neighbors and passing out the flyers. You simply contact a car removal company like Atlas Scrap Metals and schedule a removal date. The process may vary from company to company but will work something like this:

1. Call Atlas Scrap Metals at 1800 074 676.

2. Let them know your needs, such as 5 scrap car removals, various appliances, computers, etc. Scrap metal and removal companies won’t have many guidelines, but they will require the title of ownership to vehicles or their registration to be able to buy and remove the vehicle. If you don’t call Atlas Scrap Metals, then be sure that you contact a company that will remove any vehicles, items and materials for free.

3. Have clear access to the drivers so that they can load their vehicles. Provide the title of ownerships and / or registrations.

4. Atlas Scrap Metals pays instant cash the day we complete the removal.

The process is one that is quick and easy, and one that will have you enjoying your neighborhood, home, and yard again. Instead of pulling down the street seeing the scrap and clutter in yards, you’ll enjoy a nice clean street. And, you’ll get cash for you and the neighbors. You might decide to continue the cycle having a “planting” or “fixing” day the following weekend. If you are selling your home, this is an especially good idea.

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