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How to Detect Car Removal Frauds in Melbourne

Posted on Aug 8th, 2017

Fraudsters are sprawling everywhere looking for people to defraud of their hard earned cash or properties. If you were considering using Car Removal Melbourne services, you should not be blind to the fact that scammers have infiltrated the industry and if you are not careful, you could lose your car with zero returns on it.

To help you stay safe and ensure you deal with legit car removal companies, Atlas Car Removals provides some of the ways you can use to Detect Car Removal Frauds in Melbourne:

When your car worth zero in valuation

One method used by fraudsters in this industry is to try and trick you into believing that your car is worth nothing after which they make a peanut offer for you. They will claim to be doing you a huge favour by accepting to buy your car cheaply and they will try to convince you that you won’t sell that car anywhere. Don’t listen to them. Your car will never be worth zero. Simply leave them and engage another car removal company.

No free car removal in Melbourne

The next trick used by the scammers is to tell you to pay for the removal services. Or they will claim that if they come for the car, then they will have deducted the cost from the offer given. Again, this should never be the case since there is a plethora of cash for cars company offering Free Car Removal in entire Melbourne. Take your time and continue with your search until you find a company that will not charge you for the removal.

No instant cash payment

The other way to tell if you are dealing with car removal fraudsters in Melbourne is if they promise to make payment at a later date once your car is removed. The language of the industry is instant payment at the time of removal. If they are not willing to offer this, then don’t waste your time. It will be very difficult to recover the car or the money once it is removed.

Accepts all makes and models of cars except yours

Naturally, car removal companies usually accept all cars, belonging to all makes and models. If a company is reluctant to purchase your car simply because it belongs to a particular make or model, then know they are not being genuine with you. Walk away and engage a Free Car Removal Company that will accept your car, irrespective of the make or model.

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