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    Free Car Removal Melbourne

    Atlas Car Removals provides Melbourne auto owners with free car removals service. Whether you are planning to buy a new car and would like to get rid of your old car first, or have a late model car that no longer runs, or even a wrecked vehicle that is rusted and useless, we will pay you to remove your car or vehicle at no cost to you! In fact, we will pay you as much as $9999 in your pocket today.


    Atlas Car Removals is among Melbourne’s most trusted removal companies, providing Free Car Removals to all suburbs in Melbourne. Our free car removals extend to vans, SUVs, 4x4s, trucks, utes, Jeeps, and all other types of vehicle of any age and any condition. We guarantee you top dollar for your car removal in Melbourne.

    How Our Free Car Removal System Works

    When Atlas Car Removals buys your used car, we recycle or resell the vehicle and its parts, so there is no concern of your vehicle taking up space in a landfill and the possibility of dangerous pollutants escaping into Mother Earth.

    We work with a number of scrap yards and car dismantlers, as well as professionals who buy used cars to ensure your vehicle is disposed of properly.

    Our Free Car Removal system is simple and always leaves cash in your pocket. Take a look!

    You get a price for your:

    • Unwanted Car Removals
    • Wrecked Car Removal
    • Scrap Car Removal
    • Damaged Car Removal
    • Used Car Removal
    • Broken Car Removal
    • Scrap Metal Removal
    • Accident Car Removal
    • ETC.

    To receive a quote, you can complete our “Online Get a Quote” form located on this page, or you can call us directly at 1800 074 676.

    If you like the quote, then let us know when you would like us to bring the cash for car offer and haul your unwanted vehicle away. Remember, we work day and night, so there is always a convenient time.

    We will require your vehicle title and the keys to your vehicle.

    The process is simple and one that only takes a few minutes. Our car removers arrive in custom removal vehicles that are top of the line with all the loading equipment attached, so there is no strenuous work for you.

    Once we load the vehicle, we will then head to one of our scrap yards, or back to our yard, and properly dispose of your vehicle. Your vehicle will not be taken to a landfill and tossed into precious Mother Earth.

    Why Choose Atlas Car Removals?

    Atlas Car Removals has years of experience in the car removals in Melbourne and has become known as the trusted and reliable car removals who always offer TOP DOLLAR on car removals.

    Our car removers are professional and courteous and always bring the cash for car offer you received with them at the time the pickup a vehicle, so there are no payment arrangements.

    We practice a recycle, reuse or sell system, making the disposal of your vehicle eco-friendly.

    Contact Us Today

    For first rate car removal services in Melbourne, contact Atlas Car Removals via our online quote form located at the top of this page. If you prefer to speak directly to one of our car remover experts contact us at the number below. Our customer care car remover specialists are standing by to offer you up to $9999 for your scarp car, unwanted car, wrecked car, rusted car, broken car or used car removal in Melbourne.

    Contact Us at 1800 074 676 Or Contact Us Online