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How To Find A Buyer For My Unregistered Car In Melbourne?

Posted on Nov 30th, 2018

Finding a buyer for your unregistered car can prove to be a challenge. Whether your car is in poor condition and failed a rego inspection, or whether you don’t have the money to renew registration, when you want to sell an unregistered car in Melbourne, the best option you’ve got is to sell it to a car removal company.

Get Fast Cash for Your Unregistered Car In Melbourne

Atlas Car Removals buys the car of all makes, models and conditions. We buy unregistered cars, just as we buy old, damaged, unwanted and scrap cars. Car sellers who want to sell their cars without incurring any selling expenses in the process can get in touch with us. We don’t expect car owners to prep their car for sale.

With Atlas Car Removals, car sellers:

  • Don’t have to fix or repair the car.
  • Wash, clean or refresh the paint.
  • Renew registration.

Sell Your Unregistered Car To Us & Enjoy A Free Car Removal Melbourne

When it comes to providing car sellers a convenient, hassle-free car sale, we mean business. In our effort to provide an easy & effortless car selling process, we have included a free car removal as part of the package. When you sell your car to us, we will come to pick up the vehicle. So, car sellers don’t have to set aside time to drive the car over to us or worry about having the car towed to us. We provide free car removals Melbourne wide.
Our team of experienced professionals will collect the car from your place, towing it away if needed, so all you need to do is give us a call, accept our offer and schedule your free car removal. That’s all the effort you need to put in to get your unregistered car sold to Atlas Car Removals.

Selling Your Unregistered Car Is Now Easy

With Atlas Car Removals as your buyer, selling your unregistered car is no longer a daunting task. We are a licensed car removal company in Melbourne, one that follows laws and regulations. So, when you do business with us, you have nothing to worry about. We take care of it all, even providing the paperwork for the sale.

Call Us For A Cash for Cars Quote Today

  • Call us to receive our instant cash for cars offer.
  • Accept our offer & schedule your free car removal.
  • Receive payment & have the car towed/driven away at a time convenient for you.

For a quick car removal and immediate cash payment, call us at 1800 074 676.