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How To Get A Unregistered Car Permit In Melbourne Victoria?

Posted on Sep 25th, 2019

It’s common knowledge that it is illegal to drive an Unregistered Car in Victoria. However, there are certain circumstances or conditions that mean you can apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit which temporarily makes an exception for your Unregistered Vehicle. As you’ve probably guessed, getting a permit isn’t as simple as just asking for one – it only covers certain criteria or set of circumstances. If you’re thinking of driving your Unregistered Car to either sell it or transport it to the landfill, a better option would be to sell it for an Instant Cash for Cars payment with Atlas Car Removals, who also provide a Free Car Removals Melbourne service with every purchase.

What Is an Unregistered Vehicle Permit in Victoria?

A UVP is given for vehicles when it is impractical or unreasonable to register the vehicle during the time of the permit.

They cover such situations as:

  • You are taking your unregistered vehicle to be registered
  • You are transporting your vehicle to a location on a one-off basis
  • You are transporting a rally car on the toad
  • You are using a Carnival Float on the road
  • You are using heavy construction machinery that needs to operate on crossroads

You can’t obtain an Unregistered Vehicle Permit if:

  • Your vehicle is recorded as stolen
  • Your vehicle is suspended due to an unrepaired safety issue
  • Your vehicle is recorded as a statutory write-off
  • Your vehicle is currently registered
  • Your vehicle is subject to a Sheriff’s Office Sanction

How to Apply for an Unregistered Vehicle Permit in Melbourne & Victoria

Before applying for your UVP, there are a few steps you must follow.

  1. Check Your Vehicle’s Condition and Current Registration Status

You have to make sure that your vehicle isn’t currently registered and check that its status is still roadworthy. You can go to the VicRoads website for a registration check.

  1. Get Your Information Ready

You will need to provide information when applying for a UVP.

Your vehicle’s information will include:

  • Its year of manufacture
  • Its make and model
  • Its body type
  • Its colour
  • Its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), chassis or engine number

Other information will include:

  • Full name and address
  • The address of your vehicle’s garage
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address


  1. Select the Type of Permit You Need & the Length of Time

There are different permit types for a UVP. These include:

  • Tracked Vehicles (and other all-terrain vehicles)
  • Single Trip or Journey (available up to 7 days and the most direct route must be selected)
  • Construction Zones (any large machinery or equipment that isn’t eligible for standard vehicle registration requirements)
  • Preparing Vehicle for Registration (including getting a Certificate of Roadworthiness, a Vehicle Identity Validation Certificate, Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme Approval Certificate, or transporting the vehicle to VicRoads for registration)


  1. Apply for Your Unregistered Vehicle Permit



  1. Display Your UVP & Remove Your Registration Plates

After placing your UVP on the assigned location and removing your registration plates, your vehicle is ready to be driven.

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