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How to Get Cash for Unwanted Car Removal Melbourne

Posted on May 8th, 2015

Your car or truck has been damaged or is currently rusting out in your front lawn, and you would really prefer that it just went away. Luckily, there are car removal services that will take that junk car out of your yard for free, or buy your unwanted vehicle from you with cash at prices way better than what you would expect elsewhere. You can also rest assured that the parts from your old car are not going to end up harming the earth, but are instead going to be recycled or reused in another form. Even cars that do not run can be recycled and reused. Having a service take care of your car removal gets rid of the need to advertise or wait around for an unreliable tow truck or buyer. A quality car removal service will have convenient hours, a simple process, and fully-insured employees who always show up on time. Even if your car is totally wrecked or brand-new, you can have it removed for free and get a nice stack of cash while you are at it.


You might have delayed having your unwanted car removed because you weren’t sure if you would be allowed to, because the car was in such bad shape or because it was an unusual model or make. That doesn’t matter to a good company. If your car was totaled, damaged, unregistered, doesn’t work, or even in pieces, it will be removed, free of charge! The same applies to other vehicles like trucks or UTEs. You can even get cash back on a car that is totally wrecked or in pieces. Even if the car is not running, it contains valuable parts and metal that can be recycled and used elsewhere. If your car is brand-new and in perfect working order, you can also get money for it and have it removed for free. This applies to other types of vehicles as well, like motorcycles or trucks. The process is very simple and you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money advertising and then waiting around for someone to contact you. You will also get more cash from a good service than you would from other companies. That extra cash can be very useful to you in buying a new car or paying any bills that have been hovering over you.

get cash unwanted car removal

The process of getting your car removed is not as complicated as you might think. The first thing to do is get a free quote from the company, either by calling or filling out a short online form. This will let you know how much cash you can expect to get from your vehicle. When a price has been settled, the company will come to pick up your vehicle at whatever time is best for you. A good company should be available 24/7, so if you work irregular hours or need to have the car picked up in the early morning, it can be easily arranged. If you would prefer to drive the car yourself to the company, that is also a possibility. When you meet the driver, you will be paid in cash right on the spot and your car will be taken away, freeing your lawn or garage space from the unwanted vehicle. You should have your license and proof of ownership on hand. Also, be sure the license plate is removed from the car and the tow driver has enough room to move the vehicle. To ensure that the process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, have all these tasks done before the driver arrives, and be ready to sign a contract that makes the sale legal.


Being environmentally-savvy is becoming increasingly important with issues like climate change and pollution gaining global attention. Cars can be a big source of harmful effects and so disposing of them properly is essential. When you are getting rid of your old car or scraps, you want to know that you are not participating in a system that hurts the environment. Metal can sit in a landfill for years and useable parts often go to waste. A good car removal service will be environmentally-friendly and work with the community to make sure that any useable parts or metal will be put in the right hands. Used cars that work should always be repaired and resold, and the money passed on to you. Enlisting a car removal service that will remove your car – no matter the condition – free of charge and pay you cash for cars is an ideal alternative to advertising. You can also be a part of working to keep the earth healthy by not having your car or parts disposed of improperly, and it is all just as simple as going online or making a phone call to 1800 074 676.