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Make Some Extra Cash by Selling Scrap Metal in Melbourne

Posted on May 8th, 2015

There are different ways scrap metal can be sold. In fact, for some, selling scrap metal has become a profitable business. Atlas Metal has compiled a few ideas of how to find scrap metal and how you can sell your scrap metal. We buy scrap metal of all forms and pay instant cash!

Where to Find Scrap Metal to Sell

There are many places to find scrap metal. Start with your home. Many household items have value in their metal components like the old toaster and Christmas tree lights that contain copper and copper writing, as well as steel. Old appliances are another scrap metal treasure.

Drive around your town, looking on the side of the road for discarded items that contain metal. Anything with metal will have value.Salvage old car parts like catalytic converters. Old plumbing wiring and fixtures are another.Visit yard sales and estate sales for items that are fairly cheap that will bring a profit selling them as scrap metal.

When hunting for metal, you will need a vehicle that will allow you to transport the items. If you plan on this for a business, then consider a pickup truck or at the least, a vehicle with a large trunk. The items should not go in the interior of the vehicle as they will cause damage.
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Metals that are in demand include:

  • Brass – a zinc-copper alloy that is can be found in plumbing applications, musical instruments, and decorative items
  • Copper – One of the most valuable scrap metals and found in plumbing wiring and fixtures and household items, as well as electronics.
  • Steel – an iron-chromium alloy that is often found in beer kegs, hubcaps and kitchen utensil as well as like products
  • Aluminum – found in household tins, cabling, and beverage cans
  • Iron – not as valuable as the other metals but still will bring something. Iron can be found in automobile parts, construction materials and pipe

Now that you have your metal finds, where do you sell your treasures? You can start online. There are many companies like Atlas Metal that offer cash offers over the net, as well as via the telephone. You should call multiple sources to find the best cash offer.Some companies may negotiate, some may not. Companies that know the value of the metal should offer you the best price at the time of their initial offer.If you are doing this as a new business, then save your weekly receipts of how much you made in metal. Also, calculate your time spent, wear and tear on the vehicle as well as gas. You will be able to turn them in as a tax deduction.

Waiting until you have a large volume of scrap metal will yield a better price. Also, keep the season in mind. There are times that scrap metals are not as valuable as other time; just as there are times of the year metals are more valuable like the cold months.Metals can also be sold to a recycling center or dealer. You will need to sort and clean your metal prior to taking it into the center or dealer. Having your metals sorted and clean should result in a better price for the metals.

When you sell your scrap metal to a scrap yard, they are not technically allowed to pay cash. You’ll find that some will provide a payment slip that allows you to go to an ATM and collect the money. Companies like Atlas Metals do pay cash on the spot for your scrap metal.

For more information on scrap metals or to get a cash offer for your scrap metal, give us a call at the number below.

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