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Metal: Take a Look Around, It’s Everywhere

Posted on May 8th, 2015

Metal: Take a Look Around, It’s Everywhere
Metal is essential for modern living. It can be found in nearly any product you can name. It is used as fasteners in furniture, as components in electrical items such as televisions, radios and phones and also, maybe most importantly in cars. Metal is also used to install doors and windows, and ceiling fans and can be found in electrical wiring that powers your home and businesses near you.

Some metals are very soft and require mixing with other metals and chemicals to strengthen it. This process results in an alloy metals. Tin is one of these soft metals used in combination with other metals such as copper, Brass, Bronze and Steel.

Metals serve multiple purposes and are always in high demand, making recycling a popular trend. Recycling metal helps reduce the environmental impact from new manufacturing, as well as reducing new mining and its potential risks to the environment.

scrap metal

Metals and their uses

  • Steel is a popular metal alloy used in construction. Steel is comprised of  iron and carbon and is one of the most common materials in the world. Steel is used in weapons, automobiles, appliances, and more.
  • Chromium (chrome) is typically applied over other metals to give a shiny luster. This can be seen on faucets, fixtures and maybe most importantly on chrome bumpers.
  • Tin is a metal frequently combined into an alloy for better stability. It is found in cans and solder and is mixed with copper to create bronze. Tin is also used in the glass production and is in high demand, since it is relatively scarce. This makes scrap tin extremely sought after for recycling.
  • Gold is a soft metal used primarily in jewelry. It is typically combined into an alloy because of its softness. 24K gold is softer than 18K and jewelry made with it is prone to breakage.
  • Silver is commonly used in jewelry and in burn medication. It is sometimes mixed with gold in order to strengthen gold for applications. It is highly conducive but not widely used in electrical applications due to cost.
  • Nickel is hard and slow to oxidize, making it a popular plating metal. It is a component of stainless steel as well as other alloys. It is used in rechargeable batteries, power tools and emergency power.
  • Zinc is used in batteries, die castings for the automotive industry and in alloys such as brass. It is also used to galvanize other metals to prevent rust.
  • Iron is the most common element on Earth, making up a large part of the planet’s core. It is compounded to make steel.
  • Aluminum is the third most abundant element on Earth and the most abundant metal in the crust. It is widely used in aerodynamics, paint, construction and packaging.
  • Copper is highly conducive to electricity and is used in wiring and electrical components. It is also used in antimicrobial applications, such as bedside rails, shopping cart rails, toilet hardware and more.
  • Platinum is a precious metal used in catalytic converters, jewelry and dentistry equipment. Platinum is also used in compounds for chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Cars, even those that have seen better days and are now hardly of use for anything besides taking up space in your garage or yard contain many of the above listed metals. Recycling useless vehicles can bring many of the metals embedded somewhere in the car back into the circulation and help prevent damage to the environment. Since scrap metals are constantly rising in price, many companies even offer money for old vehicles, in order to be able to extract all of the recyclable metals and resell them to recycling firms. If you have a scrap car that is taking up useful space in your yard, consider selling it to not only restock your wallet, but also protect the environment.

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