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Where Should I Scrap My Car in Melbourne

Posted on Jun 24th, 2016

If you are selling your car for scrap in Melbourne you might take it to your local wrecking yard. However, this can be expensive and time consuming and a far better option is using a car removal company. If you are looking for a professional company that can offer you cash on the spot get in touch with Atlas Car Removals. Here is how to decide where you should scrap your car in Melbourne.

Look up a Car Removal Company

A simple web search will land you thousands of possibilities. Refine your search to Melbourne to ensure you are using a local service. It’s hard to know which one will give you the best price with a great service. Ask around to see if you know anyone that has used one of these businesses. Their feedback can help you make a decision. Otherwise the internet has a lot of reviews you can consider. Double check they have the licensing and insurance as required. It doesn’t take long to research car removal companies to ensure you are getting a professional service.

Find a Company Within Your Area

To make sure you aren’t slugged with towing fees use a local company. As they won’t have too far to haul your vehicle they usually offer this service for free. This enhances the amount you can receive as you’re not out of pocket for transportation costs. Look up their address and phone number for confirmation that they are local. Melbourne has a number of car disposal companies so select one in your area.

Choose an Eco-friendly Method

By choosing a car removal company you know exactly where it’s going to end up. A professional company will have the licensing and certification to recycle parts and materials. They will also dispose of waste in an eco-friendly way. This ensures you aren’t costing the environment by getting rid of your old car. If the time has come to sell your scrap car using a car removal service means you are doing your bit to protect the environment.

Car Removal Regardless of Condition

If your car is scrap you may have trouble selling it to anyone other than a car removal service. Atlas Car Removals can take your vehicle no matter what condition it’s in. Even if it’s a complete write off its parts and materials still hold some value. Car disposal companies will pay up no matter what state you sell it to them in. Be honest and you will get a realistic Instant Quote from them.

If you decide to Scrap Your Car in Melbourne, contact Atlas Car removals for free towing and instant cash. Consider choosing a local, professional service that has minimal environmental impact when figuring out where to scrap your car in Melbourne.