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Take the Quick and Easy Way Out to Get Rid of Your Car In Melbourne

Posted on Jun 1st, 2015

When you need a quick and easy way to sell your vehicle in Melbourne, you need a car buying option like Atlas Car Removals that is a quick and easy way to sell your unwanted vehicle. Car removal companies have become the “trend” among car buyers who don’t want to hassle with the traditional means to sell their vehicle. It is a system that puts instant cash in your hand within a day of your call. Quite simply put, cash for cars systems like Atlas Car Removals Melbourne are simply- Call the company, provide a description of your unwanted vehicle and your car is sold. There are no worries as your car is sold “As Is”, you are offered a fair price on your vehicle of any condition and we do all the heavy work, plus bring all the necessary paperwork with us at the time we remove your vehicle.

Used Cars, Scrap Cars and Accident Cars

We get many calls each day asking what we’ll pay vehicle owners for their used, scrap and accident cars. The answer is always the same, “we’ll need a thorough description of your vehicle so we can evaluate the vehicle”. Some customers are very descriptive, some we need to ask to be more specific, but the bottom line is, if you know the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle along with the odometer reading, we can make you an accurate cash offer on your vehicle.

How Do We Valuate Your Car?

We employ pure experts in the auto industry that are vehicle evaluation specialists. They stay current with the day to day market values on vehicles, steel and metals and parts. Knowing what a specific make and model of any level of damage is worth is how they can easily evaluate the worth of the vehicle. We are as accurate as possible when calculating the value of a vehicle, but we must have a complete and thorough description of the vehicle from the owner. If the vehicle is used, we offer a cash offer based on different factors like the make and model as well as the age and condition. If the vehicle is one that will be scrapped, then we base the price we offer on the recyclable value of the vehicle. We recycle vehicles 100 percent, offering our customers a great price on vehicles. We pay up to $9999 instantly, as a part of Cash For Car offer on all vehicles we remove.

What Prep Work Do I Have to Do?

Absolutely none. Atlas Car Removals buys cars “As Is”. Should you have a scrap or accident or a junk car, we’ll load it up “As Is” and once we transport the vehicle to our wrecking yard, we will drain all the fuel, liquids and hazardous materials from the vehicle before we recycle the vehicle 100 percent.

Do I Have to Take My Vehicle to You?

Again, not! We come to your location, anywhere in Melbourne, and remove the vehicle for free. We do ask that we have access to the vehicle so our Car Removal specialists can remove the vehicle without difficulties. We don’t require that you do any prepping of the vehicle, loading of the vehicle or transporting of the vehicle. We’ll do it all.

What Paperwork Do I Need?

We do require the title of ownership to your vehicle and proof of your photo ID. If you no longer have the title of ownership in your possession, then we do have other options we will accept the registration to the vehicle. We provide all paperwork required for the sale of the vehicle.

How Much Will It Cost for Your Services?

Our services are free. We don’t charge a towing, and we don’t charge a removal fee. We simply come to you and remove the vehicle for free.

How Do I Hire / Sell My Car to You?

Vehicle owners can give us a call at 1800 074 076. We can also be contacted through our “Get a Quote” form found on our home page. As for hiring, you simply accept our cash offer or reject it. If you accept, we will then schedule a car removal.

When Will You Come to Remove My Car?

We offer same day car removal that are performed 24 hours a day.

Atlas Car Removals is a leader in the car removal industry and welcomes you to obtain a cash offer. We buy and remove vehicles of every make and model, age and condition in any suburb in Melbourne. Give us a call and we’ll give you an instant cash offer that is paid at the time we remove your vehicle.