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Van and Ute Removals

Atlas Car Removals offers VanandUte removals in Melbourne that are carefree, and the entire process is on us! We tow away your old van or ute and scrap it, reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth left behind. Our expert dismantlers, break down the vehicle and recycle, reuse or sell the parts, or we may resell the vehicle, depending on its condition.

Atlas Car Removals cash for cars offers are the best as we will put up to $9999 cash in your pocket to remove you unwanted ute or van in Melbourne. With us, there are no expenses as we offer free towing and haul the vehicle off to the salvage yard. There is also no charge for scrapping the vehicle.

With our services, you simply sit back and count the cash in your hand while we do all the heavy work of removing your scrap van or ute.

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Van and Ute Removals

Atlas Car Removals offers the best cash for vans and utes offers in Melbourne, making that old piece of junk in your yard valuable; as we know the value of the metals in the vehicle and offer you top dollar for your van or ute removal.

We accept all makes and models in all types of conditions including:

  • Wrecked Vans and Utes Removals
  • Damaged Vans and Utes Removals
  • Broken Vans and Utes Removals
  • Scrap Vans and Utes Removals
  • Used Vans and Utes Removals
  • Not Running or Running Vans and Utes Removals

No matter what the age, you will be offered a cash for cars deal.

How It Works

Our cash for utes and vans system is simple and begins here online. We offer all ute and van owners the option to obtain a quote and schedule a car removal in one of two wa

  • Fill out our “Get a Quote” form found on this page, which only takes a few minutes.
  • Call us to 1800 074 676.

If you like our cash for cars offer, you simply let us know a time that is convenient to pick up the vehicle. Remember, our removers work round the clock so day or night is an option.
When we arrive with the cash and to haul off your vehicle, you simply hand us the keys, (if you have them), to your vehicle. We do all the heavy work, so there is no loading or moving on your part.

Why Choose Us?

Atlas Car Removals has years of experience in the business. Because of our years in the business, we have top connections with the best scrap yards in Melbourne, putting us in a position to offer our customers top dollar for their unwanted, wrecked, damaged, scrap or used van or ute.

We have a large fleet of custom removal vehicles to handle all size loads, whether you need one or 10 utes or vans hauled away and scrapped, we have the ways and means to make the process convenient and carefree.

There’s no hassle or headache, just up to $9999 in your pocket for your car removal in Melbourne when you sell your vehicle to Atlas Car Removals.

Contact Us Today

To get top dollar for your van or ute removal in Melbourne, contact Atlas Car Removals via our “Get a Quote” form on this page, or contact us at the number below.

We are Melbourne’s leaders in high dollar cash for cars offers.

Contact Us Today at 1800 074 676