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How & Why You Must Cancel Your Vehicle License In Melbourne Victoria?

Posted on Nov 4th, 2019

If you no longer own a car in Victoria, it’s important that you cancel your vehicle license as soon as possible. Otherwise, any recklessness by a new operator with your former car can come back to bite you. You can inform the Department of Transport Victoria (VicRoads) that you no longer own your vehicle at

Why People Cancel Their Vehicle License in Melbourne Victoria

Canceling your vehicle license is simply a requirement when you no longer own a vehicle.

There are many reasons why people cancel their Vehicle Registration including:

  • The vehicle is sold
  • The vehicle is stolen
  • The vehicle is put on the Written-Off Register
  • The vehicle no longer adheres to Victorian Road Policy
  • The owner has outstanding payments
  • The vehicle is claimed by Insurance or another agency

How to Cancel Your Vehicle License and Surrender Your License Plates in Victoria

You cancel your vehicle license in the following ways:

  1. Visit the Vic Roads website
  2. Calling VicRoads at 13 11 71
  3. Visiting your local VicRoads Customer Service Centre
  4. Sending your License Plates & documents to VicRoads, GPO Box 1744, Melbourne VIC 3001

How Not Cancelling Your Vehicle License Can Put You in Hot Water in Victoria?

If the government doesn’t know that you no longer own and operate a vehicle, anything a new operator does put you vulnerable to being the one who is fined or held responsible. It can also require a lot of time and money to efficiently prove that you are no the one responsible for any recklessness involving your former car.

Reasons why not canceling your vehicle license can get you in trouble include:

  • Another driver breaks road or traffic rules
  • Another driver is involved in unlawful behavior
  • Your car is involved in an accident
  • Your car is driven while being written-off

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