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Car Recycling: How Does it Work?

Posted on May 8th, 2015

Car Recycling: How Does it Work?

Cars are very important in our lives, but sometimes, no matter how emotionally attached you will be to your car, you may still have to get rid of it and set an end to it rusting in the garage. Here are some of the reasons that may cause you to want to get rid of your vehicle:

  • You have totaled the car and the insurance company has written it off or you simply don’t want to pay for costly repairs that may still not make the car completely functional again
  • The car has been involved in an accident and the damage is too severe
  • The car is too old and it has become unsafe to drive
  • The car is old and it is impossible to sell
  • You own a commercial van or truck and people are not interested in buying it due to its high mileage
  • Your car is very old, you cannot sell it and you plan on purchasing a new one soon
  • The car has been damaged by water and/or flood and is beyond repair

When one of the things above happens or when you simply want to get rid of your vehicle, getting your car to the recycling company is certainly a great idea. There are numerous benefits associated with calling for the services of a car removal company and here are some of the most commonly encountered ones:

  • Your car will be removed for free, regardless of where it is parked at the moment. The company will send a towing team for your convenience and all you will have to do is to make sure they have enough space to tow the car. However, you will have to remove the license plates and provide them with proof of ownership and an ID.
  • You will receive cash for caroffer. Depending on the damage of its internal parts, depending on the car’s age and on other factors as well, you can get up to $9999.
  • You will free up space in your garage. You don’t want a useless thing to take up precious storing space you could be using for more important items (another car for example).
  • You will participate in the recycling efforts of your respective area.
  • You can be sure that everything is legal. However, do ask them about what you have to do next and they will provide you with all the information you need!

car recycle for cash

The entire process is very easy and straightforward; however, there will be a few little things you will have to take care of in order to get the process started:

  1. Contact the car removal company and ask to receive a free quote for your vehicle.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the company to have your car removed for free.
  3. Remove the license plates and get your proof of ownership and ID ready.
  4. Make sure there’s enough space for the towing of the car.
  5. The company representatives will come to your home and tow the car. Ask them about what to do next.
  6. The car will be taken to a yard where the car is stripped of all of the useful and valuable parts, while the rest of the car gets scrapped and recycled.

Hesitate no longer! Contact Atlas Metal and have your car recycled to help the recycling effort in your area, the environment and last but not least your bank account. Speak with one of the representatives today and ask for all of the additional info you may need. Call us on 1800 074 676