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Ready to Get Rid of Your Salvage Car in Melbourne?

Posted on Apr 30th, 2015

Salvage vehicles aren’t quite as easy to get rid of as you might think. The flipside is with the following information from Atlas Metal; your scrap vehicle won’t be as hard to get rid of, either. Vehicle owners have different options in selling their salvage car, truck, SUV, 4×4, etc.Some sellers opt to sell their salvage vehicle to a third party, which is an option, but one that you must be careful. Because the vehicle is a salvage vehicle, there may be specific requirements that must be followed, mandated by the state. A written notice to the potential buyer or lien holder may be required stating that the car, truck, 4×4, SUV, etc. has been classified as a salvaged vehicle.

If you do not disclose that the vehicle is a salvaged titled vehicle to the buyer, you are setting yourself up for fines and penalties as you are breaking the law. All guidelines set by the state in which you are selling your vehicle must be followed, or you are liable under the law.That in itself is enough to deter salvaged vehicle owners away from selling the vehicle to a third party; and, so they move on to other options. A wrecking yard is another option in selling your salvaged car. Here too, you must be careful as many wrecking yards only accept specific makes and models of vehicles and not all ages or conditions. So, check to be sure that they accept your make and model before you bring it in to try to get a little cash. Also, be sure that there are no specific requirements for draining the fluid of the vehicle or removing or flattening the tyres.
Sound like a lot of work? It isn’t easy- but who said selling a salvaged vehicle would be easy? There is one more option. Having cash for cars or cash for scrap metal removal company buy your salvaged car for cash. Atlas Metals buys salvaged cars. We offer full car removal services to all suburbs of Melbourne. That means cash for your salvage car and a free removal. Is the process of selling your salvaged vehicle sounding like a little less work? Our car removal services are performed by expert car removers who bring the cash with them at the time we perform your free salvage car removal. We also buy salvage cars, trucks, SUVs, 4x4s, vans, commercial vehicles, etc. of any make and model and age and condition. Car buying and selling and auto wrecking is our business and a business that we do well. Aside from cash, the biggest advantage when you call Atlas Metal for your free salvage car removal is we do all the work if the car is to be disposed of. You also don’t have the concern of contaminating Mother Earth with its disposal. Our car disposals are always eco-friendly recycling, reusing and reselling the metals and parts of the vehicle. We aren’t the only car removal company in Melbourne, there are plenty of us that offer cash for cars (although, they might not offer the same high quality and the cash on the spot that Atlas Metals does!

Car Removals companies are popular because they are an easy means to get rid of your vehicle and put instant cash in your hands. There are things to look for in a car removal company that include:

  • Reputability. The company should be established in the community. The company should also be one that offers their full contact information, including their physical address.
  • Accept all makes and models of any age and condition. Car removal companies that have the experience and qualifications in the industry will be able to buy any make and model of any age and condition and have a buyer or know how to dispose of the vehicle to get value from the vehicle.
  • The car removal company Melbourne should offer instant cash offers that are easy to obtain over the phone or through an enquiry form on their site.
  • The company should also offer convenient car removals.

Atlas Metals offers free car removals that are performed 24 hours a day. Just give us a call, and we will give you a cash offer on your unwanted car removal- running or not, you’ll get a free car removal and instant cash.

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